Peter McKenna

Peter McKenna (70 yrs) was regarded as one of the best full forwards to ever play VFL when he played full forward for Collingwood. He played 180 games for Collingwood between 1965 and 1975 and played a further 11 games for Carlton in 1977, after having a year in Tasmania in 1976.

Peter won the Coleman medal in 1972 & 1973, and was Collingwood’s leading goalkicker for 8 seasons from 1967. He has been inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame.

He was a School Teacher until he became a VFL star. While at Collingwood he recorded two pop songs that made the charts and he was a regular on Melbourne TV. He co-hosted Hey Hey Its Saturday until Collingwood made him make a choice of media or football – only then did Ossie Ostrich take on the role. Peter was regarded as the first of the ‘pop star’ footballers and was famous for his beatle-esque looks. He was regarded as the most popular footballer ever in VFL.


Entree – Grilled Saganaki, rocket, lemon and ouzo dressing

Main – Duck and vegetable pie, porcini mushroom jus or Dry spiced kangaroo fillet with pommegranite and pistachio tabouleh

Dessert – Rum and raisin pudding, with rum syrup, vanilla ice cream

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