The Odd Friday Lunches

The Odd Friday Lunches

The “Odd Friday Lunches” are held every odd dated Friday, so feel free to attend when you have the inclination. It’s not a club but come along and enjoy a good lunch, a few drinks and good company.

There will be something different each “Odd Friday Lunch”, but it will consistently provide a delicious lunch menu at $50 plus drinks at pub prices, good company, fun and a sense of belonging.

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    John Harms & The Footy Almanac

    John Harms is a well-known local writer, broadcaster, publisher, historian, speaker, and a lunch host. His recent books include Life as I know it (Michelle Payne’s story), Loose Men Everywhere, Memoirs of a Mug Punter (horse-racing), Confessions of a Thirteenth Man (cricket) and The Pearl: Steve Renouf’s Story.

    He is the driving force behind The Footy Almanac. The Almanac is a writing and reading community, offering anyone wanting to have a crack at writing (or any other art form) a place to publish their work.

    John incorporates his regular Footy Almanac lunches into The Odd Friday Lunches at the North Fitzroy Arms. The North Fitzroy Arms is an enthusiastic supporter of The Footy Almanac and is home to the “Odd Friday Lunch” which is held every odd dated Friday.


    296 Rae St, Fitzroy North VIC 3086


    (03) 9486 4501


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