2016-10-07_Ian-CollinsIan “Collo” Collins

Ian “Collo” Collins has had a comprehensive career in Australian Football.

Recruited from Sale he played 161 games for Carlton Football Club playing in the 1968 premiership side (along with Percy). He went on to captain coach Port Melbourne for a year in the VFA in 1972.

Ian was Secretary Manager of Carlton for 12 years from 1981, and in 1993 became AFL Director of Football Operations. In 1999 he moved on to become CEO of Stadium Operations Ltd (Docklands Stadium) where he remained for 13 years. In that period, he succeeded John Elliot as President of Carlton in late 2002, stepping down in April 2006.

He was involved in the turbulent and controversial times at Carlton when he succeeded John Elliot, and was involved in interesting times at the AFL including his involvement in denying Footscray Bulldogs star Chris Grant a Brownlow in 1997.


Entree – Hearty bean and vegetable soup

Main – Jamon wrapped pork fillet, apple puree, watercress avocado and walnut salad or Double lamb cutlets, pistacio and pommegranite tabbouleh smoky eggplant

Dessert – Marsala Semifreddo with macerated strawberries

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